Has anyone bought Velo & City in same color?

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  1. I must admit, I've been going a little crazy with bbags lately! Am even contemplating buying Velo & City in same color (a color I LOVE :love:). Is this crazy?? Has anyone else bought the these 2 styles in the same color? Please enable me or talk me down, take your pick! :thinking:
  2. Yes I have one city in black and a velo in black and love them both. The shapes are different and both are great. It's nice to have a choice :biggrin:

    I also have a Day, First and Work in black (my signature color)!
  3. if you love the colour, go for it!

    personally, i woldn't coz i prefer variety in my collection. there's too many gorgeous colours and styles but too little funds for me to spend them on the same colour, but different styles.
  4. I've got a black RH city and am waiting on a black RH velo. I actually decided to ditch my black pom pon instead, as it would serve the same purpose as the velo for me.
  5. I alsmost got the same color in the City and Velo: an 07 French Blue City and an 10 Outremer Velo, colors are very similar but the bags are differet enough to justyfi it IMO! Love the bright blue;) Here is a pic:

  6. Pugs those are great bags!
  7. If you are reallyreally crazy about a colour I would do that too :biggrin:
    But on the other hand: there are sooo many colours to discover every season :smile:
  8. I would get the same color if the styles weren't so similar. I agree with some of the others, there are too many beautiful colors to choose from.
  9. Thanks for all your input!! Hearing some others did at made me try - but I was foiled! I tried to order from Raffaello Network, but when I tried to checkout, it said nothing in cart, and when I tried to re-add - it was gone!!

    I think there is something wrong with that site btw, it was weird b/c I started watching this bag last night, and it was still there this AM (fresh load) then when I try to buy it, poof, it was gone!!

    I had read the comments on Raffaello here, but once I figured in no taxes it came out pretty much the same as retail.

    What was the bag?? Sorbet Velo, of course!! Now I'm gonna go sulk about the bag! ;)