Has anyone bought their B-bag without actually seeing it first?

  1. I am thinking of ordering from AR...how confident should I be that they will pick out the best greige city for me? :shrugs: I hate the idea of not picking out the bag myself, but the NM near me only has it in the first style. :crybaby: BTW, this would be my first b-bag!! :upsidedown:

    So for the ladies who DID buy their bags without seeing it first...did it end up being everything you thought it would be??
  2. Hi Andreax -

    I bought ALL of my bbags (5 - I need to adjust my avatar) without seeing them in person first. But I saw 3 in pictures so that was ok. But the other 2 I bought sight unseen over the phone and I'm pretty pleased overall. You just have to be very clear and very specific with the leather condition you want.

    Ink City - bought from Barneys and described what I wanted to the SA over the phone. She did a good job but it's still a little shinier than I would have liked...but still a deee-lish bag!!!:wlae:

    Rouille Box - bought it from AR and talked with the (awesome) SA. She picked out one with great leather - smooth, not too veiny. She did a great job!!:yes:

    Good luck!:flowers:
  3. All of my bbags were over the phone. I've kept all of them. They were meant to be.
  4. I bought my ink first over the phone(from Barneys) and I am very happy with it.

    Good luck!
  5. 3 out my 5 bbags were ordered sight unseen and am very happy with them all. It also helps when you have a great SA to help pick them out for you. I've heard many positive things abour AR so i'm pretty sure they'll do well. Good luck:flowers:
  6. Thanks for the advice :flowers: when you described the leather that you wanted..what exactly did you say? I've only seen Bbags IRL in passing...never inspected it up close...i do know that I want a smushy bag that is not shiny or veiny...am I asking for too much??? :wlae:
  7. i've bought both my bbags without seeing them from brown's fashion and am very happy with them.
  8. I've bought all of mine without ever seeing tham and they've all been keepers! It's part of the fun to me!
  9. Well, I ordered sight unseen from BalNY and I wasn't too happy. The SA was very nice, but the bags weren't as great as I had hoped. The first one was damaged(cut at the bottom of the bag) and the 2nd one had one small area by the handle where the leather was ashy and spongey--kinda dried out a bit. Just be sure to be very specific about not only what you want, but what you *don't* want. I'm a very rare case, though, most people have nothing but the best experiences ordering sight unseen. Just be specific and a having a good SA with spare time and a good eye helps a lot, too. :yes:
  10. i bought both of mine sight unseem...love them....but i did tons of research to make sure i like them. Usually i would NEVER purchase something, esp something so pricy without it being in my hands first. The only reason why that happened was bc balenciaga bags are so darn hard to come by.
  11. andreax, most of my bags were purchased unseen. just make sure you have a good SA that you're working with and be specific in what you want. good luck!
  12. I am buying one sight unseen, but the SA who is finding it for me is VERY, VERY particular and I know that she will insist on perfection.:yahoo:

  13. Yes, both times (and a third in transit)! Joseph at Bal NY picked them out for me, and so far he's two for two with choosing gorgeous bags (Origan and Grenat Cities). My Caramel Day/Hobo should be here today or tomorrow.
  14. I've purchased 4 bags online: 2 from Aloha Rag, 1 from Kirna Zabete, and 1 from Balny. Oh, and 3 on the secondary market!
    All but 1 have been sight unseen. And I've loved all of them.
    I agree, it can make for nervous nerves. The issues with the leather have mainly been since s/s '06. Now, it is customary for buyers to request certain leather, or grain or whatever. So, decide what you like, and ask for it!! There are tons of posts where people mention who their fave SA's are.
  15. When I ordered my last bag from AR, I asked for one that was almost matte, very soft, with even distressing. That's what I got! Overall, I've heard that the f/w bags are less shiny than the s/s. About veins, I dunno. I think that still varies, by color.