Has anyone bought the YSL Muse?

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  1. Hi, I have seen a few threads on the muse, but am wondering if anyone has bought it or has personal experiences with it?

    The bag is growing on me and I'm eyeing on the large black or dark brown one.

    Is it heavy? How does it feel to carry on the shoulder? Is the base too broad? Is the leather soft? etc etc.. Anything you can tell me abt the muse? practicality?

    Any opinions would be appreciated. Picts would be a bonus! Thanks!
  2. Pict from Saks!

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  3. I saw it in person and tried it. Actually I like the bag but I am not too crazy for it but again it might grow on me where I got to have the bag.

    From trying it, the leather is very nice (love the brown and the white), the style is quite simple and classic although I wasn't quite sure if I like the look when I carry it on the shoulder? Is that a shoulder bag or satchel? I am not sure. But the bag is not heavy at all, it is pretty light weight I think. Def it is an excellent and beautiful everyday bag.

    If I have the money I will get the croc one. It is gorgeous!!
  4. When I first saw the bag, I was like 'eeeeh - fair', but it has REALLY grown on me!!

    The Boston Neiman Marcus has the large-size in Black and White, smaller size in Brown. Of course, I would go for the large size ... I kind of like the White.

    My only concern is that I want to be able to put this on my shoulder; not have to tote it around on my arm all day.

    BTW: eBay seller Leshent (who is legit) is selling the YSL Muse (large) in White (I think) and Brown (medium). Not sure of the prices ...
  5. well, from what i read, you can carry the small and large ones on the shoulders. It is only the oversize one which has shorter straps and thus you see most celebs carrying it in their hands.

    thanks sweetea, i'm glad to hear that it is not heavy.

    I think this would make a very practical everyday bag!
  6. Her asking price for the large choco bag is $1499, above the asking price! I would just buy from the boutique but good info that she's legit!
  7. Hi Muppy,
    I have the Muse in large black. It was "I have to get that bag" at first sight from the magazine, but it is even prettier in person. It is a very nice everyday bag and not very heavy. The leather is not super soft, nor stiff, just perfect in my opinion. The inside is lined in heavy satin, side zipper pocket, and a cell phone pocket. I pre-ordered the tan one you have posted from Saks. It actually came on Friday. It is a very nice color, great for all year around I think. I have posted a picture of me carrying the black in another Muse thread.
  8. thanks Savannah912, I have seen your picts and it was because of them that i fell in love with this bag! it looks fantastic on you! May I ask how tall you are? I am quite petite, so I'm hoping that the large one would look just as nice on me! hehe.....
  9. Thank you!:amuse:
    I am 5'3, the bag is overwhelming at all. The medium is nice size if you don't have a lot of junk to carry like me.:wacko:
  10. Hi, someone on tfs posted a pict of the muse shown on the runway. It seems to have a longer shoulder strap in addition to the double handles. Is this a new design?

    I read that the smallest size muse comes with this shoulder strap because the handles are too short to wear on the shoulders. Anyone knows? I'm confused. Which size of the muse comes with the extra long shoulder straps?

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  11. I just bought a small one in bronze last weekend. I LOVE the bag because it is not too large for me.
  12. Darn, the Muse is growing on me.
  13. The small one fits everything I need in a day, wallet, my cell my ipod and litl bit of make up and it still holds the shape.
  14. I bought the "Muse" bag last week and then returned it. You can't wear it on your shoulder and it did not come with a shoulder strap. The bag is great, but I have enough bags that I can't wear on my shoulder. I bought the large and no it wouldn't be too big for you. The large size is probably the best size (IMO).
  15. \

    What color and size???