Has anyone bought the smaller D Bag Bauletto?

  1. Hey thanks! I see. 5'8" is great.

    I like to wear heels....then I'm close to 6 foot! :p

    Hmmm, now I am jealous (in a good way of course :smile:

    - - you have a NUDE color?!!! ohhhhhhhh
    Yum - loooove.....

    Do you have a pic? I would so love to see a pic. Geez, I love the baulettos in the lighter colors. Just didn't get one because I figured it would get dirty. (I have a small child...., just mostly going to casual places and places where there is lots of mud and sticky hands, LOL

    So the nicotine is the light brown, right? What is your other one called? Is it ivory? taupe? vachetta color? :graucho:
  2. BTW Renske, is the lighter bauletto hard to keep clean? Or just my imagination?

    Seems like the size in a lighter color would be a challenge. Do you use it much?

    Sometimes too, in as much as I adore this bag, it seems a little big. Yes, it looks better on you and me because of our height, but it seems roomy and big....I don't need to carry that much stuff.....what do you think of this?
  3. ....I may have to get off this forum LOL!!! too tempting!!

    I am jonesing for a light colored bauletto (d styling) but am being good! (practicality)
  4. :huh:
    Yeah, I have a nude color! :smile: I don't know what's the name of the color. It's from winter 2010. My other d-bag (nicotine) I bought two months ago. Nicotine is black/greyish. I love my d-bags! They are easy to clean and the leather is getting prettier by wearing. I love the size of the bag. Have you seen the pic of Zoe Saldana with the d-bag? I fell in love with the bag by seeing that pic!

    I tried to upload a pic but it failed! But here or some pics: http://forum.purseblog.com/tods/first-reveal-d-bag-bauletto-617083.html
  5. That's so cool! Thanks for your response!! :smile:

    I see. Now I remember - seeing your reveal when you posted that first d bag. Gorgeous! I see what you mean. When you said nude I guess I thought you meant a different color, another new color or something. :smile:
    Oh, and the nicotine, it's dark, huh. Saw that in the boutique. Gorgeous color. Unique too! You could use that a lot.

    Yes, saw the pic of Zoe. The bag looks good - so classic, understated, useful too.... but there's something about it - it looks like luxury to me :smile:

    Anyway, enjoy! Thanks for the comments. You are enabling me haha..... I want a new one! :smile:
  6. PS Renske- why the confused face at the top? Didn't understand that.
  7. It's a mistake :blush:
  8. "I bought one but I didn't liked the size on me so I changed it for a bigger size. "
  9. I have a d-piccolo, love it! It can not fit on shoulder, but I like to carry my bags on arms so it fits very nice and the leather feels so soft and lux!