Has anyone bought the smaller D Bag Bauletto?


Jan 21, 2008
It is called the Bauletto Piccolo -- measures 15.7 X 9.8 according to the dimensions the boutique sent me. The larger one is the Bauletto Medio -- 17.7 X 11.
I really want to be able to put it over my shoulder with the handles but the handle drop seems a lot smaller on the Piccolo than the Medio.
Does anyone have the smaller one? Can you wear it on your shoulder?


Jan 21, 2008
Also IF anyone has it -- can you post a picture of yourself wearing it? Also would love to see someone wearing the large g-bag in leather and wearing a shade bag also. Is the shade bag slouchy?
Sorry so many requests -- I am on a quest for the perfect Tod's bag and just can make up my mind! Thank so much!


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Apr 28, 2011
is the shade bag slouchy? Sorry so many requests

Shade currently comes in 2 types of calf leather this season:

Parcifal Calf skin: Similar to the D-styling, matte organic dyed calf leathers...soft but with a structured look. Matte finish.

Distressed Chrome dyed leather *NEW for 2011*: Matte distressed and buttery soft.....with broken in structure and on the slouchy side. The inspiration for this leather came the look of natural stone, or desert floors. This bag has been selling very well and has really has given the shade its edge it has been missing.

Ask me more.


Feb 2, 2011
Hi Lizee!
I happen to have both the D Restyling Piccolo and G bags and I can tell you that both are quite wonderful in their own ways and it was too difficult for me to pick just one (obviously...it took much patience waiting for sales to get both).
So, the D piccolo bag is really a satchel that you can wear on your arm but not shoulder. The shoulder strap that it comes with is just too awkward since the handles of the bag are quite stiff and remain erect. Nonetheless, it's a great size. The larger D bag is, in my opinion, way too big for everyday use and I'm actually considering selling mine.
The G-bag is a GREAT large all purpose bag that is:
1) comfy on the shoulder or as a crossbody
2) Quite durable since the coated canvas is waterproof (mine weathered Seattle's rainy weather a few times unblemished).
Both of these attributes are totally necessary if you're a mom on the go or travel frequently.
I'm sorry I don't have pictures (never could upload pictures to this forum) but I hope my 2 cents helps!


Feb 24, 2010
Hi I have the piccolo, even though until now I always thought I had a medio... oops... haha.

I'm thin and have bony shoulders and the only way I can carry this bag on my shoulder is if I'm only wearing one thin layer on top - or maybe also a cardigan, but definitely no jacket. Even then you have to hold it in place a bit. It's not really a shoulder bag, it's more of a crook bag or I also just carry it by the handle.


Feb 14, 2007
I also have the piccolo and although I can wear it on my shoulder with no jacket, it is a little tight. I agree with debi.n that it is more of a hand carry bag. I hope you get it all straightened out.
Jul 19, 2010
Hi sorry for reviving this thread, can't decide between the piccolo and media, so would like to ask piccolo owners, may I know the exact measurements of length, height, and depth based on actual measurements? I have the media and it definitely is not 17.7 length, it's just almost 16, but it definitely is the media which is written on the tag, and also the height is also almost 11"

Also if you can share, is the piccolo hard to get in and out of? Is it like the LV speedy or roomier? Thanks!


Nov 28, 2009
My room mate owns one in piccolo size. This size is perfect for petite women (< 5'-2" to 5'-3") but the only problem is the handles are too short to be carried over the shoulder comfortably. It is really more of a hand carried bag instead of shoulder bag.

If you are taller, the medio size will be better as it can be carried over the shoulder.

However one thing to mention is that the crossbody strap is really too thin for any good use. When your bag gets to medio size and you load it with stuff, the bag gets heavy and the thin crossbody strap is not the most comfortable thing on your shoulder. Another point to mention is that the handles cannot be bent too so they are always sticking up.

This is what my roommate owns.



Jan 25, 2010
Cool - what did you get? A new color?

Did the piccolo look too small against your body? I like its size too but I'm on the taller side....think it might look too small on me....is that what you thought?

It was indeed too small against my body. I'm 1.72 cm and I prefer bigger bags because else it looks too small. Besides that the handles are too short to be carried over the shoulder comfortably.

I changed it for the same colour (nicotine) :biggrin:


Jan 8, 2010
It was indeed too small against my body. I'm 1.72 cm and I prefer bigger bags because else it looks too small. Besides that the handles are too short to be carried over the shoulder comfortably.

I changed it for the same colour (nicotine) :biggrin:

cool! love it!!

and love the nicotine color!

I dont know how tall you are - we use inches here. :sad:
Maybe I can use a "converter" and figure it out. lol. Now I'm curious.
BTW I am about 5'7".

Hope you love it.