Has anyone bought sunglasses?

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  1. I like a couple of the new styles, and bought the white cruise glasses last year.

    But at 500+ I am not 'sold'....there are so many other things I want.

  2. I am not crazy about LV shades personally. I do agree that for the $$$ they carge, you can get something else/better. The only pair of LV sunnies I did like were the Millionaire ones. But they were WAY out of my price range!!!:nuts:
  3. I lke the Millionaires too! I am curious, does anyone know how much they retail for?
  4. $1k USD for Millionaires. Mark up on eBay is so high but people buy them!!

    LV_addoct, you have to consider that these glasses are all handmade... is wat the SA told me at Saks when I said thats a lot for sunglasses
  5. If I am going to spend $500 on glasses, I would rather it be Chanel. I would be curious as to the durability of them however. I know Chanel sunnies last forever and are made really really well. I also think with most of my bags being LV I would feel to matchy matchy...kwim?
  6. hmm.. I'm not even sure whether I like the Milllionaires because of the sunglasses themselves... or for that awesome display box!!
  7. :graucho:
    the pleasure of wearing them and the bragging rights are SOOOOO worth the money :P and i think LV sunglasses are of higher quality because they produce all their their own sunglasses... Chanel, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana are all made by Safilo.
  8. ^^^ LUCKY!!!:nuts:
  9. Deluxe, that box rocks! So jealous!

    I know what you mean about the chanel glasses there are a couple I really like...that what I have been debating...they are about 350..so...
  10. I totally agree! I'm a big fan of Chanel sunglasses, Oliver Peoples, a little Gucci and Dior....Mostly Chanel though, I can almost get two pairs of Chanel for one of the lower priced LV's.....and I always find styles that I love!
  11. I prefer other sunnies to LV. I tried on a few at the store and they just don't fit my facial frame.

    Chanel, Gucci, Dior, and everyone else makes some that fit me.
  12. i bought the men's faux semblant rectangle ecaille sunglasses in may 06. i really like them, and i think they feel more substantial and worth the money than most other sunglass brands. everytime i try on guccis or diors or marc jacobs', they just feel too brittle.

    and yes, they were hella expensive. but at least they come with a good warranty and arent all over the place like gucci sunnies are ;)
  13. I take what I said back!!! I am now a proud owner of GINA shades and haven't taken them off since I got them!!!:love:
  14. :girlsigh: :girlsigh: :girlsigh:

    congrats! I LOVE the Gina, but I've lost so many sunglasses (and watches while we are at it) by now that I have to stick to cheaper ones :crybaby:
  15. I don't have a pair, but my mom does. I think it's pretty cool how they have an Eastern version that better suits Asian faces/noses. I'm not sure if this is the case with every style, but it is for the Obsession Round pair.

    If I wasn't so afraid of wearing contacts or getting laser eye surgery, I'd be all over a pair of LV sunglasses! :wlae:
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