Has anyone bought something at the H in Wakiki?

  1. Apparently they are the only store in the US with a white/pallidium thick PM clic clac bracelet but they said they can not sell over the phone because it is duty free? Has anyone heard of this or knows any way to get around it? Please help !
  2. Do you mean the DFS Galleria store? Is that where you found it? There is a regular Hermes boutique in Waikiki as well....The duty free one is a different situation.

    The regular boutique should be able to sell over the phone, and often do...
    Did you try them... 808- 922-5780?

    Perhaps your local store will do a charge send for you, and get the bracelet sent to your store.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. yes, I bought one thing in sept. from the one in waikiki the other one is in the Ala Moana Shopping center. The DFS in the airport is the one with the H store, the other DFS in waikiki I do not think has Hermes. They are very nice in the waikiki store but maybe like said above you could have your local store order it for you