Has Anyone Bought Prada Bags from Amazon.com? They seem to have great prices!

  1. Hi Girls,

    I was wondering if any of you have purchased Prada from Amazon.com directly (like it's sold by Amazon.com not by one of their marketplace sellers).

    Was everything authentic and did it come in the original Prada packaging?

    What was your experience with buying designer goods from Amazon.com?


  2. I haven't, but the prices seem almost too good to be true. Plus, I have heard plenty of negative reviews of how the bags don't stand up and that they are fakes. I would be very cautious
  3. ^ I have to agree!
  4. hi! I am new here, but I have to tell you my recent experience with Amazon.com... 2 weeks a go I ordered a Prada Messenger there ( not a third party) and I took it last Sat to NM because it just didn't seem "right" to me...it felt kind of "stiff" had some "unfinished" leather pieces with apparent glue on them. The biggest thing was the "crest" on the front triangle was completely diffeent than any of my other Pradas and all of the ones in the store. Three SA at NM all felt this bag was fake. They had the same model messenger there and the two did not compare. I posted this on the ebay purse forum and there was some debate over this, but I felt uncomfortable enough that I returned it for a refund. I personally would not buy there again.
    JMO tho.
  5. ^ I'm sorry that happened queenvictoria2. :sad: I wouldn't buy from any store that I'm not 100% sure of... too much money to risk. At least you could return it to Amazon right? I hope you got your money back!
  6. :wtf: Oh no.....thats terrible!!!! I just bought 3 Prada bags that I love at Amazon....

    It did come with Dustbag and cards...it seems to all check out except that I didnt care for the packing....

    I have heard of people complaining about the quality like dings and chips but I thought that if you buy directly from them (sold and shipped) that it was authentic!!!

  7. bagluv -

    that is what I thought also, but I was just very uncomfortable with this bag. As soon as I opened it , I thought "this feels funny"... if it was a fake it was a darn good one! and if it was real it was poor quality...if that makes any sense!!

    I hate paying retail for Prada, but then again, I surely don't want to pay over $300 bucks for a maybe fake...
  8. actually, I don't even want a FREE fake! yuk!
  9. Lol! Ditto! :yes:
  10. I only buy from Prada or department stores.....Not worth the risk otherwise!
  11. Me too...I just cant believe it....:wtf: Did it come with Authen card and dust bag?
  12. Amazon is good for dvd and books..... but handbags :confused1: :confused1: ??
  13. ^^ true

  14. yep, both! It just didn't "feel" right, ya know? lots of "little" things just weren't right...

    I did FINALLY get a credit on my account yesterday. Amazon is too scary for me now. I did get an Authentic one from Bluefly also, but I think I'm too scared to even go back there:sad:
  15. :crybaby:I just bought one from there too. May I know which ones did you buy? Mine come with dustbag and cards too... This is my first time purchasing such expensive bag so I don't know how to feel if it's authentic.