Has anyone bought on ebay from...

  1. coachery barn or Seller: romike205
    he has 3501 in feedback and has 99.9% positive
  2. I've never bought from them but I've watched many of their listings. They are definitely authentic Coach sellers. :yes:
  3. Thanks so much!!! It looks like lots of outlet stuff. I found a goodie that caught my eye!!!
  4. [​IMG]ooh i like this bag!!
    [​IMG]eeww!!! its like there's a cat stuffed in there!
    [​IMG]i want it!
  5. HI,
    I have bought from both and they are EXCELLENT EBAYERS with 100% AUTHENTIC items. I was very pleased with both of them.
  6. Haha - I can imagine it screaming to get out now..
  7. i have not bought anything from coachery barn, but i do know that everything he sells is 100% authentic. i've had my eye on quite a few of his auctions. :tup:
  8. I have my eye one one of this sellers bags, the Legacy pocket shoulder tote #7466, from a couple of years ago. I'm glad to hear that this seller is authentic!
  9. [​IMG] I love this one!!!
  10. That's the bag I have on my watch list from this seller!!! I love it in white!
  11. Remember the white is a winter white. Just an FYI
  12. Hi All

    There are two of these totes on Bag Borrow or Steal right now in the Outlet section. They are $555, which may or may not be a good price? One is Brown and one is a really pretty Bronze.

    I have purchased from their outlet and could barely tell the item was used. M