Has anyone bought from this seller?

  1. Hi.

    Has anyone bought from rjconnect? She's giving me a slight discount & free shipping for the dark silver metallic reissue , but I have to deposit money to her account before she'll ship it... but that's not the problem tho, problem is I don't have any security as to whether she'll deliver the right item or make the delivery at all. What do you guys think? Is she trustworthy? Thanks!
  2. :mad: My friend inquired on a bag for me and RJConnect was downright rude!

    I ended up finding the same bag Brand New from a Chanel boutique for LESS than they wanted.
  3. Are u not paying by paypal?

    I only emailed her once about a pair of CL heels and she sounded rather nice that time. :yes: Haven actually transacted with her to conclude if she is trustworthy or not.
  4. I think her feedback is pretty high... So if I wanted the bag, I'd probably trust her. Will the sale be off eBay? If so, she won't miss you over, because you could report the off eBay sale to eBay and she may lose her seller rights. Will you be depositing the money into her account via paypal? If not, I'd demand paypal just to be safe.
  5. Thanks, ladies! I appreciate the feedback.
  6. All I can tell you is the sellers bags are authentic.