Has anyone bought from the Stella McCartney for Lesportsac line?

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  1. I just got mine from Rue La La. I ordered the backpack (not the bunny one). The print is pretty. However, the bag is HEAVY and feels awkward when worn. Debating whether to send it back. How do you like yours? TIA!
  2. I too was surprised at how heavy the pieces are empty. I got one of the roller bags to use on a trip to London in a few weeks, a couple of the smaller travel organizers and a dirty pink purse/tote. Thankfully the tote is lighter. I got the larger camera bag purse and that is definitely going back because of the empty weight. It's a shame too because the pieces seems to be made beautifully and I like the hardware.
  3. I bought 1 mom tote. Have not used it yet. HOwever, my hubbie thought it is cute.
  4. I just got the same one you got, and I'm amazed at how heavy it is too!
  5. I saw these in Japan (my local stores that stock LSS don't carry McCartney), thought they were heavy for nylon bags, and material was very much like LSS Boutique Collection bags of which I had a couple and they already broke/tore after 4-6 months use, so I decided against buying.