1. Hey girls.. Just wondering if this site is legit. :confused1:

    Might buy something from this site.. but idk? Has anyone bought something from here before? Its all in Japanese so.. its kind of a hassle. Want to make sure everything is good before I try to buy from it!

    TIA!! :biggrin:
  2. what are ya planning to buy?? foresta zucca???
  3. I haven't, but I hear a lot of Japanese sites won't ship to the US so they have to get their stuff diverted to another country and then shipped into the US...
  4. :lol: I WISH. But they dont have one.. I *might* buy something.. but Idk what.

    I want to find out what the SHIPPING is to Hawaii...
  5. Maya: didnt someone use some kind of shopping service to get their goodies?

    MissDana: :lol: oh so what did ya see there??
  6. Someone told my cousin that she bought something from there.. and they shipped it to her.. in Canada.. for $50 :shocked:

    They dont ship to the US??

    vmasterz - I saw lots of stuff!! :drool: "On sale" but it comes out to regular retail price or a bit more (with the shipping)

    HELLPPPP~!!!! :sad:

    :sos: :sos: :sos: :sos: :sos:
  7. No, I don't know if they ship to the US or not... I was just saying I know there are Japanese sites that don't. I don't know if this is one of them.

    $50 is insane!! But shipping out of Japan is always insane. I mentioned in another thread before that whenever we get packages from our relatives, the shipping is at least $100.
  8. :wtf: $100 *faint* thats insane :push:

    Hmm.. my Japanese friend says they ship here.. but dont know what the shipping cost is.. yet.
  9. Well, they usually ship out a box that's about the size of roughly six shoeboxes combined... and what they pack in there is heavy. So it comes out to that much. It's insane, really.

    Oh, good, they ship here! Yeah, find out and then let me know so I can cringe with you. Haha.
  10. :lol: suuuuuure thing :smile:
  11. ahh crazy site.
  12. :upsidedown: going crazy from the site.. need to find a Japanese translator for the whole site! Still dont know what shipping is..
  13. Dana: i was just recently talking to someone I met on LJ that has gotten something from a japan website. She had to go through a shopping service just so she can get that item to her. (Foresta Zucca in fact).

    The site you're talking about Rakuten is basically like yahoo stores for Japan. The shopping service will give you a quote (or bid on the japanese auction sites for you) and it will cost you an arm and a leg in the end -if you want it that bad. It does get confusing. Some of these shopping services can translate the pages for you. I have to dig up which one that is.

    You pay for their services and their commission fee is ALOT. She said it's about 20% more on top of the retail price. That's not including the international shipping fee.

    She paid about $60 for their services for the Zucca. So maybe it may be worth it to some people. Also, you don't have control of what print placement you'll be getting.. so umm.. hehe.. is it worth it? Luckily when she got the bag, she was VERY happy with her placement. She was worried though what she would be getting. Then again, she said she REALLY wanted that bag so she was fine no matter what.

    Dont forget to add credit card paypal fees. They get you for that too. I was debating on buying PG MM or even an original MM.. but i dunno.. if i had money i can toss around, then i'd probably do it.. but i don't! HAHA!

    I have a friend that lives on the military base in Japan so i've been in contact with her to see if she can just get it for me. Then i'll pay for separate shipping back to US. That's still pending...

    Let me know if you have any other questions. :p
  14. *sigh* lol i agree with leen..if i had lots of money to throw around i would too hahaha but i dont :lol: :sad:
  15. Sounds like such a hassle~ i'm getting a headache thinking about it! hahaha... Miss Dana, what were you itching to buy? maybe we can help you find a good deal without the hassle?!