Has anyone bought from mrcharlesshop.com?

  1. I'm wanting to buy an Hayden Harnett Lorca in black to match my new Ibizi tote & Luna Boston has the best deal but they're out & would have to special order (though they will honor grechen discount - very nice!). Ordering would take about 2 weeks & I can't wait that long :hysteric: - lol. The next best deal I've found is @ Mr. Charles (20% off with grechen code:wlae: ) but I've never bought from them. I was wondering if anyone has bought anything from them & if they're a good vendor? Thanks so much!
  2. i'm biased i guess, but i have worked with them for several months and find them to be lovely people and extremely dedicated & efficient. i have a list about a mile long of things i'd like to order from them if i had a million dollars...but...

    i have also not heard of anyone having a problem with them at all, and i probably would have if there were any problems with the code, etc.

    anyway, take my advice with a grain of salt...but i do try to work with not only reputable boutiques, but boutiques that tend to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service...

  3. Thanks so much, Grechen! Every boutique I've bought from via Grechenscloset has been fabulous! BTW - I love your site - it's saved me a ton of money & time! You do so much for us - it's simply amazing. How you have time to post such helpful replies on top of running your site is beyond me! Thanks again - your word is gold to me!
  4. Cool, another site to add to my list :smile: