Has anyone bought from ECLuxe Boutique???

  1. Just wanting to make sure before I buy from her...
    everything seems legit....
    ECLuxe Boutique is her store name...her eBay id is hgbags ...
    has anyone bought from this seller???
  2. Me!!
    1000% authentic and excellent service!
    She's the best!!
    or ask .. all balenciaga girls ;)
  3. ^ Me too, same experience.
  4. authentic :biggrin: awesome lady!
  5. ^^ ditto, she rocks da bag house!!! :rochard::tender::choochoo:

    p.s. just got another b-bag from her today :heart:
  6. Bought from her multiple times. Have no fear. She's great!
  7. Ditto~ 2 bags for me!
  8. I've heard contrary :push:, but i did hear she is easy to deal with :flowers: