Has anyone bought from ECLuxe Boutique on ebay?

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  1. Wanting to know if anyone has purchased from her....she seems legit....selling authentic items???

    Does anyone know????
  2. Hi! You are talking about Erica from HGBAGS. She is a fellow PF member and a super nice lady. I have bought several bags from her and they are all 100% authentic. Hope this helps!!
  3. Yes ....Erica....hgbags....her store name is ECLuxe Boutique....great to hear this news....she seems completely honest and trustworthy....I just thought I would make sure .....
  4. Yes, Erica is terrific. Totally legitimate. I would recommend her and roz77772002 for anything you want:smile:
  5. I've purchased 2 bags from Erica & she is tops!
  6. I've purchased two bags from her, a Chole (Paddy), and a Balenciaga (City), and she's so nice, accomodating, and trustworthy!

  7. all authenticity questions must be asked in the Authentcate This! sticky we provided.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.