Has anyone bought from DSGCO or Kokostyle2000

  1. I bought from these sellers last night. Both have great feedback and have been ebayers for a while.

    After making an offer to Kokostyle I realized she had a section in her store of designer inspired bags. She is not selling them as real but she had several bags that look just like the Dooney Animal prints that came out this fall (item # 350017148937):

    and there was another bag that looks just like one of those Leportsacs with the Cartoon Characters on them (sorry my mind escapes me as to who made them). Anyway I zoomed in on the Lesportsac pics and it looked just like the bag (item #250209212672)

    I bought one of her Francesco Biasia Bags which are supposed to be real. Curious.

    The other seller is dsgco (The Designers Group).

    I bought this bag in black. Its a new item for this season and I got a great deal on it with a Best Offer.
    item # 320210359243

    Anyoe know these folks???
  2. I have not personally delt with either of these two ebayer but IMHO you are safe due to the simple fact that I have never seen a fake FB bag. Correct me if I'm wrong someone but as far as I know they're aren't any knock offs of this designer...right??
  3. Agree! I don't recall seeing FB bags knocked off or replicas of them. I think you're safe too.