Has anyone bought from a My Poupette Seller off ebay?

  1. Have you bought from them outside of ebay, kind of personal transaction, I guess - and if you have, did you have any problems? :shrugs:
  2. I have! I bought from 88cavier and I had no problems!
  3. Many members here have purchased from MPRS sellers. If you do a search, you will find tons of threads that mention reliable MPRS sellers. Fashionphile, anne-bag, jaimemc and rebeccalou28 are good sellers, just to name a few :smile:
  4. Yes, and no problems at all.
  5. Bought from Let-trade no issues.
    In fact now that i think about it about 3 of them.
  6. I have bought from a few, my favorite is lvlady99. Never a problem with her and she is super sweet! I always look at their feedback too. I make sure they have been a seller for a long time with great reviews from other buyers.
  7. I've bought from them through ebay only not outside ebay.....unless I totally trust the seller I won't do it outside ebay.:smile:
  8. I probably would...as I am a My Poupette Seller and I know how hard it is to become one and what is required. I can vouch that they are a very serious group.

  9. I have bought most of my eBay bags through my poupette resellers, and have just recently bought outside of eBay from Let-Trade, but I only bought off of Let-Trade because I have dealt with them before and trust them.
  10. :nuts: Can we know which MPRS are you...or it's a secret:ninja:
  11. Yeah, do tell! :upsidedown: We'll respect you for demonstrating your love for LV in the tpf and you'll probably get more customers. :graucho:
  12. LOL, No secrets here. I don't sell like I used to because I don't buy like I used to. I have only sold a few pieces recently and haven't been active like I used to. I gave up my real estate "career" a year and a half ago and that changed a lot of buying habits. Also, I'm not in it for the money, but the love of the product so that makes hasseling with Ebay a drag I don't want to deal with at times. So many scammers out there and I hit a big one a few years ago that has still soured me:rant:. Though it never soured me from my love of LV. :heart: That's still one of my passions.:yahoo:

    Diane aka Wishful*thinker
  13. I have bought from Fashionphile. Great to deal with.
  14. LET-TRADE!!

    Before I was scared to purchase anything from Ebay, but it's the only way to get bags that are discontinued. Let-Trade was very reputable and they had a good selection. My first Ebay transaction was with Let-Trade and I have been ONLY buying from them since. All bags were authentic and the delivery over seas is crazy fast.
  15. My cousin did and yes she had problems with the seller.