Has anyone bought either the new Hamptons Carryall or Satchel

  1. Just curious if anyone has bought either the Hamptons leather embossed signature medium carryall or the signature satchel.

    After only a day of carrying a bag on my shoulder my back is killing again. I am looking for a good medium sized bag that can be carried in your hand or over your arm. Something that isn't too heavy so you can carry it everyday. Does anyone have either of these?
  2. I have an older Hamptons Carryall *points down to sig*. The dimensions are almost the same as the Hamptons leather embossed sig, 12 x 8 x 4 - ish. I find it light and easy to carry in the arm but it's not a shoulder bag. The leather on mine (can't speak for the newer model) isn't too heavy at all and the straps are sturdy. I'd say it weighs less than a pound empty.

    Hope that helps some...
  3. I got this Hamptons embossed signature carryall for Christmas and I have no problem carrying it whatsoever. I usually wear medium/large sized bags and this one is perfect for me. Not to heavy, fits over my shoulder, etc, etc. Plus I think the embossed leather coupled with this stye of bag makes it very classic.
    red bag.jpg
  4. [​IMG]

    I got that one and it's not too heavy and fits over my shoulder. It's sooo gorgeous too!!
  5. I have a Hamptons Embossed Leather Book Tote/Satchel and it's not a heavy bag. This line seems to have an overall comfortable handling weight.

    Good luck finding something that is not a burden for you.
  6. I have the large embossed carryall and it is quite light and a great size. It does fit over your shoulder, too but it's a tight fit. They have a few at the outlets now, and it is a really classy bag. Hope you find one!

  7. I've got the koi keyfob too :yahoo: love itttt!