has anyone bought damier azur and havent used it yet?

  1. i havent used my azur pouchette cus i'm too afraid to dirty it >.<
    is there anyone else out there thats in the same situation? lol
  2. Yes, I bought a mini pochette in January and it has never left its box.
  3. i bought it around end of march...maybe will use it in the summer...its a good color for the summer:yes:
  4. I bought mine as a little sumer clutch for weddings and such...i don't really wear pastels or light colors so it's not the best pick for me. Oh well...
  5. I bought my mini pochette 2 months ago and it hasn't seen the daylight yet. I'm hoping I'll be able to use it this summer because it's just so adorable!
  6. lol. i was like that at first but thought why should i keep inside its box when i paid good money for it. so now i carry it alot and its still looking good as new.
  7. I never carried mine, ended up returning it. I love how it looks on others but it just wasn't me.
  8. Don't worry, Azur isn't as fragile/delicate as you think. Mine's been out in the rain and snow and it's still fine.
  9. i bought the keepall50. I have not used it yet, only because I have not yet been on a summer get-away yet!

    I am confident that it will not get dirty. It is LV, quality and stylish!
  10. I did the same with my bag. I was on the waiting list for about 2 months and ended up travelling an hour into the city after work just to buy it. One week later it was still sitting in its box so I exchanged it for the Damier instead.

    I want to see how it will look once the patina settles in after a year or so before purchasing mine. I'll probably get the pochette later this year.
  11. That's one of the reasons why I didn't buy anything in Damier Azur... I feared it would get dirty FAST. :sweatdrop:
  12. Not me, I broke my azur speedy out the very next day!
    I think it will be pretty durable; I don't mud wrestle or wallow in dirt and I really think it would take that much to stain the azur canvas. hehehe..........
  13. Thanks for asking that question I was thinking the same thing.
  14. i am waiting to buy one once the weather warms up a lot and i know i will use it. i won't wear it until i have a bomber tan....
  15. I purchased an Azur Cles three months ago. It has not left the box - - I am still on the hunt for an Azur speedy which I hope to get soon.