Has anyone bought anything Hermes marked with a "S"?

  1. Just wondering if any of you has bought or would consider buying a Hermes item marked or stamped with "S" ? I know it stands for SALE, but does it mean that it did not meet Hermes standards? when does an item become a sale item? why? and when do these so-call sales happen? I've seen a lot of Hermes items on ebay with this marking .:blink:
  2. I have a weird story about items with S but not on sale.

    I actually bought a Hapi MM leather bracelet in Zurich airport as a present for my friend. It was regular price and then later when I gave it to my friend and we tried it on, it had S.

    I also have another Hapi MM leather bracelet for me from my local shop. It was also regular price and I didn't realize until I got home and inspected the bracelet that it had S.

    So, there you go! Both Hapi MM bracelets had S but were not on sale.
  3. Hello! This is my first post on this forum, bu tI have been watching for a long time;)

    I was told that the S does not decrease the value of your item because it is still made by the same craftsmen that make all the other goods. It can still be reconditioned by Hermes (unlike good with the shooting star stamp).

    I was also told that sometimes the S items come from boutiques that are closing.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Interesting info mnpurselover - and welcome!
  5. I have never buy an S item, nor have I ever buy a shooting star item.

    I dont mind both if the condition of the bag is okay, but I'm just a bit worry about shooting star items, since I was told Hermes wont recondition/repair them since those things are not suppose to be for sale in the first place.
  6. Most of the time, small leather goods or scarves will go on sale and be stamped with the "s."
  7. Mmm, makes me wonder about the 2 Hapi MM bracelets that I bought.

    Why would BOTH items in different shops have S but were not on sale? The shops were definitely not closing and it is still a while before sale starts here.
  8. Just wonderin but what is a shooting star item? Also, I have never seen Hermes go on sale. I thought it was kinda like louis vuitton in that manner and never goes on sale. But if they do go on sale, when does it happen?
  9. I think the shooting star is when it's made by a craftsman for himself/friends/family. Correct me if I'm wrong, but some craftsmen are allowed a quota of 1 bag a year or something? To make and keep for themselves???

    That's why it's not servicable, and the outside public is not supposed to have any shooting star bags. That being said... I like the idea of a shooting star stamp ;) much sexier than S
  10. Hermes sometimes put their ready-to-wear items on sale and some shoes, hats and gloves. I've heard that sometimes they also have small leather goods but I have never heard of bags go on sale.

    I'm not even sure if the sale is for the public or if it is only through invitation. I also think it is only for a limited time.
  11. Never buy a shooting star bag secondhand if you ever want Hermes to repair or service it in any way. The craftsmen are supposed to make and keep these bags for themselves and it's a big no-no if they sell them.

  12. I wish I have family/friends who are crafstmen! So I could torture them to make a birkin that I want. One bag per year is fine by me... :lol:
  13. Thnx Lyn2005 and Lan Van! I love Hermes shoes, maybe I'll catch them on sale sometime!
  14. The "S" stands for sale items. It is usually stamped on ready-to-wear, accesssories such as shoes, gloves, seasonal scarves, etc. The event generally lasts for a week and is by invitation only. However, they do open to public starting at the end of the week or sometimes (depending on the store) for walk-ins :biggrin:

    The shooting star is a "craftsman only" bag. They are allowed to make one kelly/birkin each year for their family member, relative, or friend. While the policy is strictly for their employees, many shooting star bags have leaked out into the second-hand market via ebay.

    While the listing price on ebay may be a lot cheaper than the regular bags, I would not recommend anybody in buying one. I happen to know a craftsman who got fired due to this, and the customer, well, her bag has been dirty and worn for the past six years because Hermes refuses to clean it for her! :sad:
  15. The reason your two Hapi bracelets have and S is because they are size small. On many leather bracelets as well as dog and cat collars they are stamps S, M or L. Hope this helps.