has anyone bought anything fake from ebay

  1. and paid through paypal, but when trying to put in a claim, found out that the seller no longer has the paypal account? how do you get a refund?
  2. OMG! I had the exact same thing happen to me recently...I went to file a claim and the seller has closed their PP account. I looked into it further and found out that you can close your PP account instantly by just clicking a button! Whereas, eBay you can't close down until a few months after you have sold your last item. I thought I couldn't do anything about it until I read that has also happened to someone else! Does anyone know how you go about lodging a claim with PP if the seller has since closed their account???
  3. I would call paypal and see what they say. I haven't had this happen to me before. If they tell you tough luck, then contact your credit card company and file a dispute with them.