Has anyone bought a tokidoki bag in the clearance part of macys?

  1. I am so dreading not buying this one foresta bv i found in macys for $50... i didn't know what tokidoki and lesportsac was back. It had the perfect print placement from what i remember, with sandy smack dab in the middle. eww i want it bad... Oh and i saw a citta luna for $100 as well. Hmph.. i wish i can turn back time! oh well. Its okay:p

    Anyways, has anyone bought a tokidoki bag in the clearance section of Macys?
  2. They don't carry them at Macy's in Michigan, so I haven't had a chance to find one in clearance! Although, one Macy's had some Notte items with Citta print inside. But nothing else...
  3. Yeah, Macy's in Ohio does not carry them either.:shrugs:
  4. everytime i go to the macys at heralds sq and asks if they're on sale, the SA always tells me that tokis don't go on sale. same with the manhattan lord and taylor. :tdown:
  5. i lucked out and bought a paradiso dolce, bambinone, ciao ciao and an inferno bella on sale at macy's. the paradiso stuff was 60% off, and thus my collection began.
  6. 60% OFF!!!! :drool:
  7. yeah, i know! and that was before i knew anything about placement, prints, styles, functionality...all the fun stuff. had i known what a great deal that was, i probably would have bought everything i could get my hands on!
  8. yeah the Macy's here in NY don't discount tokis ... they're ALWAYS full price unless you have a coupon. Donesn't matter if it's an older print ... it's always full price. sucks.
  9. Macy's here doesnt sell tokis :sad: JUnky junky junky! I hate missing out on all the Macy's sales~

    I :heart: Tokidoki - I'd go :nuts: and INSANE if I got my hands on a Foresta BV for $50!! That's cheaper than anything toki they sell here!! :girlsigh:
  10. I WISH I was that lucky to find stuff in the clearance section of Macy's! People seem to find stuff there sometimes, but I'm not lucky like that. That's why I don't gamble at the casinos either =)
  11. Oh YES!!! That is how my addiction started, at the Macy's clearance table. Let's see, what I have I gotten at Macy's on clearance. most 50% off, a few even more....

    Citta Rosa Nuvola
    Arancia Bambinone
    Foresta Ciao Ciao
    Citta Ciao Ciao
    Foresta Luna
    Citta Rosa Luna
    Original Black Luna
    Inferno Canguro
    Inferno Bella
    Citta Portatelefono
    Inferno Portatelefono
    Paradiso Portatelefono

    I remember passing up:

    Inferno BV
    Paradiso Campeggio
    Citta Luna
    Paradiso Canguro
  12. Omg
  13. i never find anything in the clearance section of the bags anymore... EW
  14. I had gotten a Paradiso BV on sale at Macy's. It was 25% off, then there was an additional 15% off at the register. I had never seen anything else on sale since then (it's right after Pirata and Adios Star came out).

    ETA: It wasn't on the clearance table; it was with all the toki bags. There were Paradiso, Inferno, Notte, and Fumo on sale.
  15. OMG, please tell me what city this is, because I'm MOVING THERE!!!