Has anyone bought a See By Chloe bag yet?

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  1. I've seen them at several stores and thought they were pretty cute.

    Can anyone comment on the quality after wearing the bag a few times?

    I'm thinking about getting this one, the blue Day Tripper Satchel.


    I tried this one on at Nordstrom. The color is so pretty! See by Chloe Day Tripper shoulder bag.

  2. Those look cute, you should get one!
  3. I saw these bags and they are VERY cute and fun. I loved the multi coloured zippers.
  4. I wasn't impressed by the ones on net a porter but that one is gorgeous! :smile:
  5. I have been seeing them everywhere - Bloomingdales and Nordstroms especially. They are priced well.
  6. I was at Neimans today and saw the blue one - OMG, so cute.....don't think it's for me, but it is very cute.
  7. Very cute! I haven't got a See by Chloe bag, but I like the prices of them :yes:
  8. I just ordered the blue one I posted. I'll report back when I get it!
  9. Very cute, can't wait to see:heart:
  10. Yey - its sooo nice!
  11. I really like the look of those! What's the price point like?
  12. Clutches are in the mid- to upper-$300's. Bags are about $600-800.

    The one I ordered is $695.
  13. whoa, that purple is gorg!