Has anyone bought a new barenia purse from 2006 or 2007?

  1. I'm trying to get feed-back from new barenia purse owners or observers?
    Does the leather seem to be the same as older barenia purses? My perception is that it is not the same. The leather seems to be thinner, but I could have seen 2 bags that were not typical of the majority.
  2. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing it thinner. This is one heavy leather. To answer your question, I really wasn't paying attention to the thickness of the skin.
  3. HG, what colors are available in barenia? do you know if vert anis is offered in it?
  4. Does barenia come in any colors other than the tanned brown and black?
  5. Natural, ebene, indigo, and vert olive. A Vogue article recently had a watch with what was supposedly a white barenia strap. I keep forgetting to ask about that.
  6. O.K. again, has anyone seen or bought a barenia purse recently and noticed anything different about the leather?
  7. No, but this group is making me want barenia.