Has anyone bought a new Balenciaga that came with split tassels?

  1. I just got my first Balenciaga!! yay!! I'll post pics when I get a chance. I got a black bowling, and it looks like it's from f/w '06

    I was slightly disappointed that the tassels are already split. I know it happens and I know there are extras (I've read the tassel thread), but I was just a little sad, because this is my first balenciaga and the most money that I've ever spent on a bag. I just expected it to be *perfect*, ykwim?

    I got it from Nordstrom's, and I don't think it's worth it to send it back because of the split tassels. But I do want to make sure that it's not an indication that this was a return that had been gently used (there aren't any other signs of use, but it's hard to tell with a black bag).

    Other than that, I love it! I'll post pics once my camera is recharged!
  2. I had a Black Purse that I got from 06 and the tassels were split as well. It was brand new, never worn. I think the tassels may just split over time and not necessarily a function of wear.
  3. I think may be from the glue, I remembered that one of PF use glue to stick them together again.
  4. i just bought a new bag with split tassles and i also really examined it to see if it could have been a return but i think maybe it was just sitting out for awhile...you can definitely get black tassles from the boutique (or maybe ask Nordstrom to do it or at least pay for them)? congrats on the bag!!!
  5. Good idea, I'd ask Nordstrom to compensate you for some new tassels. Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone! I know it's minor. It just kind of bugs me about my very first B Bag!

    thanks for the suggestion--I'll call my SA
  7. Hi! I've purchased two Bbags new that came with split tassels. I have a truffle purse and black bowling that both were split. I wanted the bags so much though that it didn't matter. I was actually told that many of The Purse style had split tassels for some reason. Mine was one of them.
  8. Hi! I have a Holiday pony hair first that came with split tassels. I actually think it looks pretty cool for the color combo (brown and rusty orange, can't remember official bal names) and a little more free-flowing.
  9. My brand new spankin' VG city had a split tassle, but I easily overlooked it because the rest of the bag is so amazing!
  10. same thing with my '06 black city. two of the tassels were split. but i feel the same:tup:
  11. actually i think split tassels look quite pretty!
  12. Yep, same here. Just bought a vert gazon first, and the tassles are already splitting. I figured they'd do it sooner or later anyway, so no biggie to me.
  13. Yes, happened to me, when I purchased a 2006 Rouge Vif City. But I think the split tassles add something to the look of the bag and I've resisted by DH's suggestions to fix them for me.
  14. My Day has had a split tassel since I got it. It doesn't really bother me.
  15. My French Blue Day came with split tassels and since it came from NM I examined it like a hawk and it was completely brand new. I kinda like the look better:cutesy: