Has anyone bought a Gucci bag from designerbrandwarehouse.com ??

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Nov 26, 2007
I just bought a Gucci bag for my wife at " designerbrandwarehouse.com " & I was wondering if anyone has had any good or bad buying experiences with designerbrandwarehouse.com ? Do they sell authentic designer bags or are they selling fake bags ? I know they claim to have a money back guarantee, they do charge a 10 % restocking fee & although I have seen the bag my wife selected at other sites.....the price @ designerbrandwarehouse.com was about $ 200. cheaper than I had seen anywhere else. Designerbrandwarehouse.com is apparently located in L.A., Ca. & they are all over the internet including ebay. All of the feedback on ebay was positive except for one buyer who maintained that a Gucci store had ID'd the bag as a fake. I was considering contacting Gucci after I reveive the bag & attempt to authenticate it via the serial number. I do not have the ability to post a picture of the bag here after I receive it.:confused1: I am not overly concerned in as much as I did use PayPal for this purchase which will refund my purchase money if the bag is fake----I would just like to know what dealings others may have had wth designerbrandwarehouse.com ?? - Thanks


Aug 7, 2007
Some of the bags look off!
But they are all stock photos so hard to authenticate from, as soon as you recieve it post the pictures on here and we can have a look at it for you.
I dont know how you are protected against fakes if you used paypal and the transaction was not on ebay!
What is their ebay selling id?
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