Has anyone bought a diamond engagement ring from the NY diamond district?

  1. If so, can you recommend a jeweler with good diamonds and even better prices? :smile::tup: Also, are there any jewelers to stay away from in that area? TIA!!
  2. we have bought daimond rings from golda jewlery
    They are in the diamond district and have a GREAT selection and prices. They can even make anything you want while you wait.

    The diamond district can be an intimidating place. There are "barkers" outside trying to get you in. The sales people are pretty aggressive but if you know what you want and know some diamond lingo . . . you will be fine

    Here is the info on Golda and I am attaching their website

  3. I have been buying Diamonds from I.D. Jewelry in the jewelry district for years and they are really wonderful! They have great quality diamonds and prices and are very honest people. They allow you to trade in your diamond solitare pieces to upgrade whenever you can. I upgraded my diamond studs a few times with them. My mother has purchased several diamond earrings and rings from them and they are excellent. They can also work with you to do custom design for a ring! I agree comepletly with what fleurDeLis said about the jewelry district. Here is I.D jewelry's website:

  4. Thank you so much!! I will check out both places.
  5. Jumpiong in a bit late here, but be sure YOU look at the stone thru the loupe and also
    make sure the stone comes with a GIA which will tell you everything about the stone.
  6. I didn't like shopping there myself. It made me nervous, but then I don't know that much about diamonds - like I could never judge them with a loup!
  7. Stay away from a shop called "Diamond Scene"! My story is just waaaaay tooo long to tell. They run an extremely unethical business and I have all the evidence to prove it :smile: I've gotten waaay better deals from jewelers in Chinatown and in Flushing. You really need to know your stuff before shopping. In the diamond district they really try to pitch you hard to purchase something.