has anyone bought a classic flap and noticed this??

Aug 17, 2010
I finally found a single flap lambskin maxi with shw. I regretted returning one back in May and was ecstatic that my local Saks had one again. I bought it and have been admiring it but I feel like the quilts are a little less puffy than the my last maxi. I feel like overall the bag looks really good, the lambskin looks sturdy and there are no scratches but I am concerned. Could it be that the bag is just a less puffy bag since it probably is slightly older being a SF. Should I be concerned at all or just enjoy the bag? What if down the road the quilts deflated further? HAs anyone had this issue before?


Nov 6, 2010
Have pictures? If you are not happy with it return and get another until you are happy with it. Too much money not to be completly satisfied. Let us know how it works out.


Jun 7, 2006
i noticed the same thing with the new classic flaps when i was about to buy a jumbo -- i think they make them less puffier than what they use to be or maybe its just this season. two thumbs down :tdown: