Has anyone bought a Birkin from eboutique?


Nov 23, 2008
I am new to TPF and need advice from anyone who has purchased a Birkin from eBoutique. I am seriously thinking of buying a 35cm croc bag from her and want to do my research first. Please let me know everything you all know about her! Thanks in advance for your help!
well, I have purchased something from her before, but not a hermes croc bag. I did however get my vuitton verified by myself and I honestly knew it was real, being a collector of dozens of designer bags. She has a really good rating on ebay. I would trust them, but some seller sell at a higher price for the same bags. what is the price of the croc birkin? you may want to check with other sellers such as "createurs de luxe", "only the best" or janefinds also has a birkin in black porosus croc. What type of croc are you planning to get? nilo or porosus? hope this helped.:roflmfao::woohoo::lol: