Has anyone bought a Birkin from eboutique?

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  1. Need help!! I am seriously considering buying a 35cm matte croc Birkin from eboutique (an Ebay reseller). Has anyone bought Birkins from her before? How was the experience, what can you tell me about them? Please post all advice and experiences. Thanks!

  2. I have bought from them as well as the others ... They are all very good.

    All good and the forum has a page for sellers they feel are reputable. I just dont know how to find it.. But check there!
  3. I bought a croc bag from eboutique. They are so nice and the bag was perfect. I highly recommend
  4. I have bought a couple - very good experiences with them.
  5. hblux, another really great Ebay seller is flossyfigaro. Besides knowing Hermes very well, she is a really nice person to work with.

    Same for the seller bluemanxantiques....another very knowledgable and very nice seller.
  6. Here's a link to the "Recommended Sellers" list. It is now in the Authenticate section. I think it used to be in Shopping, which seems more logical .. anyway...here it is....

  7. I have bought 2 incredible Birkins from eboutique, they were a pleasure to deal with and the bags arrived as promised and in perfect condition. A real pleasure to deal with!
  8. I have bought one from them and I had a fantastic experience. Came just as described and in perfect condition.
  9. I bought 1 birkin from eboutique and they are very professional.
  10. Ive bought a birkin from them today - I am so excited/nervous to recieve it :smile:
    Ill let you know!
  11. Yes! Very professional and wonderful to work with!!
  12. i bought a hermes belt from janefinds before. they were A++ seller and the item is definitely authetic.
  13. is there a place on ebay to type in a sellers name to go to there page?
  14. Please discuss resellers in the resellers/EBay thread. Thank you!
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