has anyone bought a bag they weren't really crazy for?

  1. I did. And i only did it b/c i wanted it NOW and it was an ok price. grrr i'm wishing i waited. The bag is a nice bag, it's just not what i really wanted.

    Anyone else do stupid things like that?
  2. Yes. I bought a Croissant style because I really liked it then and really wanted it then. I regretted later on because it's too small. I still like it but I don't love it like I love the other LVs. I hardly ever carry it, and I think I may hand it down to my little sister :amuse:
  3. Yes, of course. We all do it, during what I call "mood buys". That is when you are experiencing a little shopping buzz and suddenly think "well, I have never worn orange, but why not"? Then you get home and go....OMG! Then you sell it. Or give it away.
  4. i bought the LV cerises speedy even though i wasn't crazy about it (i'm not saying i didn't like it......i just didn't love love love it).....it's a beautiful bag but it just wasn't me.........but it worked out for the best since i sold it to a wonderful PFer who gives it the love and appreciation it deserves :P........although i do miss it sometimes :worried:
  5. Yup, the Saint Tropez in a dull green color they had years ago...
  6. the whole mc line besides the speedy...when i bought it..i was told it was limited......dont get me wrong i love them and i baby them....but sometimes i just........:smile:
  7. Yep, when I bought my 06' white city. As soon as I opened the box, I hated it.
  8. Really!? Why did you hate it?
  9. what is the 06 white city???
  10. Black suhali le tal. Should've bought the le fab instead, oh well perhaps a white le fab for me... someday :love:
  11. for me, i can't afford to have LV "mood days" so it's extra worse...it's my 2nd LV and i don't/can't really buy more. So now i either keep the bag, or sell it and take a hit and not be able to afford an epi alma or speedy.

    oh well...i guess i could also carry less stuff, though, all the stuff i carry is essential.

    wallet (though it is a large wallet. One of the long prada ones, you know?) cell, keys, sunglasses in case, gum, m/u bag that contains everything (floss, l/g, lip balm, powder, nail clippers/file, listerine pocket pack, bobby pins, elastics, etc etc) and mp3 player (sometimes).
  12. sarah you dont like the Le TAL....I love that bag...i think its my favorite from the suhali line bbeside the L'extravagant (sp?)
  13. my orange epi alma...thats all they had when i wanted another orange speedy. I guess its growing on me...:smile:
  14. Sadly YES !!! I actually did this twice before I learned not to rush into things! The first time because I was lazy and thought I knew what I was buying. I did not do my "homework" and make sure that it was the size I wanted (it's too small for my needs... Seller sent me dimensions... but I just assumed!)

    The second time I was wowed by the price and thought I was getting a good deal. It was a good deal but I did not give any thought as to whether or not I would actually like the style. I just assumed I did.

    I got both these bags at least a year ago and used one once and the other one never !

    I refuse to deal with ebay so I guess I will ~someday~ use them !
  15. jayney...what bags were they??