has anyone bought a bag, then exchanged because of where its made?

  1. If there was actually nothing wrong with the bag, but just you wanted it made in france, have you been too embarrassed about going to do that, so you just learned to live with it, or just march yourself to the store and ask to exchange? :sweatdrop:
  2. I could care less as long as I love the bag but I'm curious to other people's responses.
  3. I never would unless there was something glaringly wrong with the bag itself. I don't consider location of production to be a flaw.
  4. I think purchasing a bag and returning it due to it being made some place other than desired is ridiculous. Why purchase the bag in the first place if one has a problem with its origin? You can see where it's made prior to purchasing it.
  5. No to be honest it's not something I even look at unless on someone on here asks
  6. Same here! I never looked until I saw that people do pay attention to it then I noticed that most of my pieces are made in France. But I have pieces from all three places and don't see a difference.
  7. i haven't yet and i don't think i will either. i don't mind where the bag was made as long as there is nothing wrong with it.
  8. I personally do not mind where the bag was made.

    I'd like to say that if it bothers you that much, then why not exchange it? But my question is, do boutiques allow this?
  9. I hand select my bags at the boutique so there is absolutely no questions about returning it.
  10. No I never really thought about where it is made
  11. I think a lot of members here don't really care where specifically it's made as long as it's authentic LV.
  12. I don't care where my bags are made. I also have never even noticed there were different places of origin until reading posts on this forum.
  13. i think the first time i saw something LV I purchased was made in Spain I got a little confused.
    the SA was like, yeah some items are made in different places.

    I was like "okay"

    I can handle it, though I can understand how some people feel they are buying a French product they want it "Made in France"

    I think it is like the Mercedes ML Suv's are made in North Carolina or Tenneesee or someplace here in the usa.
  14. I prefer my bags to be made in France and now I'm starting to prefer my accessories to be made in Spain or Italy. However, it's not *that* much of a big deal to me that I'd go back to return/exchange it. I have a few made in USA pieces, but I love them just as much.:yes:
  15. This happened to me a few months ago. I bought a BH, went to the car to check it out and noticed that it was made in the U.S.A. I promptly went back to the boutique and asked to exchange it, but then they explained that most of the monogram pieces are made in the U.S.A. for American consumers. I called 866 and they told me the same thing. I got over it and have now embraced the bag.