Has anyone bought a bag from arealine.com?

i'm going to make a wild guess and say that the bags are fake...but i'm not an expert. for an MJ, or other high-end bag, i would ONLY purchase from a reputable seller like a department store, or boutique you KNOW is legit and sells only authentic bags. there's probably a list of them on tpf somewhere.

you might have to pay more, but at least you'll get an authentic product.
so, you are saying you know of this website? I am not interested in drop shipping. they offer older model bags and as long as I buy in bulk, they will give me a discount. I do believe there are wholesalers out there. It would make no sense for a company to discard all imperfect and older model bags. I am sure there are wholesalers out there that are legit. Is anyone out there ACTUALLY bought a bag from this dealer? I don't want an uneducated opinion, it seems like everybody yelling fake "seems" to be an expert.

We're no experts, only cautious of such websites. It's better to be safe than sorry, but if you wanna risk it, then it's really your choice. Sometimes things that are too good to be true really are, and I'm speaking from experience.
The fact is that designers generally don't do wholesale or factory seconds. Imperfect bags are destroyed. Sites offering wholesale and factory seconds are really just selling fakes.
I am going to purchase two pieces from this supplier. She will let me buy 2 in order to see if they are really authentic handbags, when they arrive I will post some pics and we can see. Somebody needs to test sites like these so we can know for sure, I do not know who to believe.
They don't list a physical address. Good luck getting your money back or tracking them down if you get fakes.

Even if you do get to send them back you'll be paying a 15% restocking fee, which is total BS and is what a lot of counterfeiters do to make some money on returned items.
This place is a scam!!! I ordered a fairly inexpensive purse and it was delivered fine, it was a very good replica but it had issues with the zipper and hardware that would not have happened to a real designer purse of this quality but it was decent. I was fairly confident after my initial purchase so I ordered more and this time the merchandise never came. The owner Boris Kuskin talked to me on the phone reassuring me not to file a claim with paypal and he would send it but when it still didn't come I spoke to him again and he said he had been in the hospital and had financial hardship but to give him time and he would overnight it. As the deadline to file a claim neared I called him again and gave him a deadline to get it to me and he agreed. When it did not arrive I went ahead and filed a claim with paypal before the deadline. He ended up stealing my money and never delivered the merchandise. I thought paypal would protect me but they do not have the same protection for independent websites as they do with ebay or other similar sites. He shut down the paypal account and simply opened a new one so he never had to pay any of the money back. I talked to paypal via phone and the representative let it slip that he had done it to several others as well but would not give me any other information. I tried contacting several online fraud comapnies, filled out reports and nothing ever came of it. If anyone else has been taken advantage of by him please contact me maybe in numbers we can get him shut down! [EMAIL="au**Please do NOT post email addresses!!**
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