Has anyone bought 7 for all Mankind Jeans for their BF/SO? Do they run big?

  1. SO! Christmas is coming up and my BF desperately needs a new pair of jeans. I've searched everywhere online to see if there are any "size charts" for seven jeans, but I can only find ones for Women's.

    Has anyone bought Seven Jeans for Men before?
    Do they run true to size? Big? Small??

    (He has a pair of American Eagle jeans in a size 32 and they fit alright)

    Any suggestions would help! =]
  2. They run pretty small for men's jeans IMO. If he doesn't like his jeans tight, then you should probably buy 33 or 34. The relaxed fit is cut bigger in the thighs, but the waist is still fairly small for a men's jeans. HTH!
  3. My boyfriend says his pair run true to size. It really depends on what style you get him; the slim bootcut do run small and will look a little more flared, whereas the relaxed bootcut will probably be fine in his regular size. What does he wear in other brands? From my own experience American Eagle clothes run big.
  4. The ones I'm looking at are all straightleg, and he does say that his American Eagle jeans have been getting loose (oh no! losing weight?)

    He doesn't have many jeans so I don't have much to work with! =(
  5. SFAM runs TTS for my boyfriend. He wears a 32" waist in Levi's and the same for SFAM. Though watch the fits. He found the normal bootcuts insanely tight on his thighs but the relaxed fit (with 2% lycra) was good.
  6. my boyfriend thinks these run TTS as well
  7. Thanks everyone :smile: Really helped me decide!
  8. my bf says his is tts as well. he wears a 29 in slacks and a 29 in sfam relaxed fit jeans
  9. like all the other girls, TTS! Although it does differ a little according to the style of the jeans. Relaxed definitely fit true to size... bootcut may be a little tighter.
  10. tts for my bf, but it all depends on style. relaxed runs bigger but not much.
  11. My fiance also thinks they run TTS, but he's only gotten the relaxed fit thus far.
  12. Really? My SO thinks they run pretty small so he goes a size up. I bought him a pair (I don't know what style) and he complained about the thigh area being snug, so now I'm banned from buying him clothes without him trying them on. LOL!
  13. b00mbaka, I have the same problem wtih my SO. Although he doesnt complain at all with teh relaxed fit... anything other than that he always has complaints about the thigh area. He doesnt go anywhere near True REligion jeans for that reason :p
  14. They're a slim cut. My s.o. has two pairs and one is tts (but he wears all his pants slim/tight-ish) and one is an inch up in his normal waist size.
  15. I've bought several pairs of 7's (relaxed / bootcut) for my BF and he's always had to go one size up, not because the waist didn't fit, but the thigh area was to tight. Just make sure you buy the jeans from a retailer that allows returns.