Has anyone been to Woodbury Commons lately?

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  1. I am considering going to the outlets in Woodbury Commons, NY to peruse for bags.

    Has anyone gone lately, are their bag selections at Gucci, Chanel, Barneys etc worth checking out?

  2. I went for Boxing Day (yes, I know I'm crazy!!) this past Dec 08...honestly the handbag selection wasnt all that great...barely any sales at Chanel, Gucci almost nothing...Coach has tons of stuff dirt cheap, but I'm not into them, my girlfriend I was with loves them so she was happy..the clothes & accessories were alot better!
  3. Thanks kissmyace108, I'm not into coach either. I think I'll still go and try my luck hopefully the bag selection may have improved.
  4. Gucci has a big variety! But you may want to call them in advance to ask what kind of items they have available.
  5. I went the other day. I didn't go into Gucci, but Dior barely had ANYTHING, my mom was shocked. Neiman's had a nice selection, including some good sale bags (Prada and Dior totes for under $200!), and Saks is having a 20% off your full purchase, with no exclusions. They had a nice selection of L.A.M.B. bags. I didn't go to Barneys because I couldn't find it (walked right past it!), and Kate Spade is having a 40% off your whole purchase sale, and they had a good selection.
  6. I'm thinking of going this Friday after work because of the President's Weekend sales - do you think it'll be too crazy up there? I don't have a lot of time so I don't want to waste it on incredibly long lines. Has anyone ever taken the Gray line bus? I usually have a ride but this time that isn't possible. How long does it usually take on the bus (from Port Authority)? Thanks!
  7. Tods is worth checkin gout, The Gucci is OK. Chanel- don't even bother going there
  8. Anyone been lately?