Has anyone been to these resorts in Cancun or Jamaica???

  1. Please help! My family and I are looking to go away and are debating these hotels. Both my son and my neice are coming (they are both 2 and a half) so it is really important to me that the resort be family friendly.

    Has anyone here stayed at any of these resorts, and if so- did you like it???? Any comments??? Any other recommendation???? I am open! HELP!

    Montego Bay: (It's between these)
    Rose Hall Resort & Country Club
    Iberostar Rose Hall

    Cancun/Riveria Maya:

    Gran Melia Cancun
    Fairmont Mayakoba (I really like this one but afraid it might not be great for kids)
  2. I haven't gone to those specific ones, but I can say without a doubt that the Mayan Riviera is *beautiful*... DH and I went to Aventura Spa Palace (we loved it, but it's not kid friendly so it wouldnt work for what you're looking for) and I swear it was like being in Shangri La! The beaches are so beautiful. Hopefully some others will be better able to tell you specifically about the places you mentioned :tup:
  3. Thank you so much!!! I have been to the Riu Palace in the Mayan Riviera but it was a few years ago and before I had my son. So I can't remember if it was kid friendly! LOL!
  4. I've never been to either of these resorts, but I have been to Jamaica about eight or nine times although it was years ago. As I recall, outside of the resorts there weren't a lot of things to do in Montego Bay. With active kids this might be a problem. The only thing I can think of to do outside of the resorts is to take a day trip to Duns River Falls.
  5. Thank you Leelee!!! That is a great suggestion!
  6. I've been to a Caribbean Iberostar resort, but not the one you listed. I loved it! The grounds were immaculate and beautifully maintained, the staff was wonderful, the food was good (it was a mix of European and local and they also had themed restaurants). The private beach and ridiculously huge pool are enough to make me want to go back!

    It wasn't ultra super luxurious, but it was really nice especially for what we paid. I would definitely go to back/go to a different Iberostar :tup:

    If you're worried about kid-friendliness, it was a real mixture. I'd say there were as many families as couples and singles...
  7. Take a look at a map and see how far they are from the airport in Montego Bay...the last time we went to Jamaica, we heard people complaining at the airport on the way home that the planes were flying overhead the whole time they were on the beach...not very relaxing!
    For what it's worth...the best hotel we've found in Jamaica was in Ocho Rios- Sunset Jamaica Grande. Just awesome. We're going to Negril this year- Riu Tropical Bay. Mayan Riviera is very nice but IMO the beaches can't compare!
  8. Thank you so much ladies!!!!

    We have decided (as more a result of flight availability than anything else) to go to Cancun, but haven't picked a hotel yet. I am really undecided too because I found several that look wonderful, so if anyone has any hotel recommendations for Cancun/Riviera Maya, please let me know your thoughts!!!!
  9. ahhh mayan riviera is AMAZING!!
    i stayed at the Grand Sirenis last year during spring break and i had the best time.
  10. We have been to Iberostar Paraiso Beach resort in Playa del Carmen. So, if you decides Mexico ..check the iberostar resorts. It was such a great resort. Our kids loved it . Beautiful place!! You have options -can go into town and see Mayan ruins if you want to venture off the resort. Also, a great park Xel-Ha . We are debating to go back again to Mexico or try a new place like Jamaica(the Iberostar resort). Good luck
  11. I took my 9 year old niece to Cancun and we did an all-inclusive at Cancun Palace - they have other sister properties that you can get access to as well. www.palaceresorts.com. I think the Beach Palace location had the most activities for kids. The location was great - we were in between the JW Marriott and the Ritz. They had a mini-golf course and activities everyday. Good luck on your decision. I loved Cancun!
  12. How about Fiesta Americana, in Cancun...they were very friendly. The concierge service is amazing, they will do every reservation for you and make recomendations as to what to do with children...They worked magic to get us in the IT places...Good luck and have fun!!!
  13. iberostar and riu hotels are always the best! so you should be fine if you pick those:smile:

    have funnnn
  14. I stayed at the Bahia Principe Tulum in Mayan Riviera Mexico. Very kid friendly and amazing. They have a sister resort, Bahia Principe Akumal nearby as well.
    The food and drinks were great, they had daily activities for adults and children but yet it didn't feel "overcrowded" or "overrun" with kids.

    Here's a list of their resorts:
  15. I went to Cancun in October. A lot of the hotels are remodeled since the hurricanes a few years ago. I would suggest "Dreams Cancun Resort" or "Aqua Cancun Hotel" or "The Royal". The are all in the hotel zone and within 10 minutes of downtown by bus. You can also walk to the new mall they built. I forget the name of it. Here is a good site to get the ratings of all the hotels. http://www.si-mexico.com/cities/cancun.htm