Has anyone been to the NM...

  1. ....at Short Hills recently? I'm going home this weekend, and wanted to stop by. Need some handbag inspiration. Just wanted to know if anyone saw anything there recently worth mentioning. Thanks!
  2. Heyyy, I'm heading to NJ this weekend too! I'm trying to escape the weather here in the Bay Area so I hope I don't bring it with me. I'm interested to find out what's in Short Hills too!
  3. Wow, from SF to NJ! I thought I was going far from DC to NJ (then again, my folks still live in Jersey). Maybe we'll pass by each other ;). Any particular stores you're looking to go to?
  4. LOL You know I did ran into someone from the PF just last week during one of my trips to Nordstrom. So you never know! I will definitely hit the usual stores-- NM, Nordstrom, and the smaller boutiques (Fendi, CD, JC etc). I'm also going to the city...I want to see the GD bags in Bergdorf. :biggrin:
  5. hmmmm....i went last weekend and didn't see anything spectacular.....just the usual selection......i might be heading back tomorrow tho so maybe i'll run into you suli :lol:
  6. I went today! This is the scoop they have chanel re issue bags : White , grey, black! They have paddingtons (blue, dark blue) They have MJ bags in a whiskey color absolutely beautiful. They have balenciagas: white, redish orangish brown, blue, some other ones.
  7. They had a ton of Balenciagas! I was going to buy one in the tan, but decided against it. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't love that "crackled" leather look. The bag was super soft though. Ended up buying a Miu Miu, but not entirely sure that I love that either.