Has anyone been to the MBMJ store in Chicago?

Jun 18, 2007
I believe its on Damon St....

Anyways I've been to the MBMJ Accessory Store in NYC, and I was wondering if the one in Chicago has similar inventory.
Does it have the bins full of cheap items (bracelet, condoms, leather pouches, etc)?
And does it have the cheap tote bags ($12ish)?
Thanks in advance!!


Sep 9, 2006
iluvmybags has been there a few times now. i've only read good reviews from her. if you pull up her past posts, you'll read about many of the things they carry. if they have the special items there, i'm sure the totes should be there too.


& My Motos & Shoes!
Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
I've been to the Chgo MbyMJ store a couple of times -- they have tons of special items from $1-99. The last time I was there, they had a bin in the front of the store with Tshirts and totes for $5 each. Unfortunately, I only found one shirt in my size (everything was XS or S), but I don't know how long it had been there.

The first time I went, I spent almost $200 and I think the most expensive thing I bought was $20!! They had several different types of totes - the canvas ones that are smaller that says MbyMJ, the "jute" ones in dip-dyed colors, the thicker, heavier canvas ones, the Fashion Week tote and nicer plain leather ones. You can easily go nuts with all the Special Item stuff they have!