Has anyone been to the Gilroy Outlet?

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  1. I haven't been to an outlet, but am tempted after I keep hearing about the great deals all of you have found at the outlets. Has anyone got to the Gilroy outlet? If so, what did you see there?
  2. yes! I was there a week ago when I was visiting my folks! I got a magenta madison kisslock wallet and the legacy should bag. There was a ton of patent ergos and legacy leather. I didn't look at the signature.
  3. Hi Spykitty:

    Thanks for the info. Did you see any Madelines or Carlys?

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    I was there last Wednesday evening and saw quite a few Carlys... khaki signature with turquoise (teal), baby blue, and dark brown (bronze??) leather trim/strap. They were sitting on a table towards the back of the store and I think that they were 40% off the outlet price.

    They also had the gold and black lurex bags in the clearance section; 50% off the red lined/lowest marked price. Some of the gold lurex bags were the ones with the gold studs on the leather straps. I picked up a signature stripe top handle pouch in gold for only $44.99 after the add'l 50% disocunt, which is an excellent price considering that I almost paid full retail ($98) for a singature khaki/gold capacity wristlet at my local Macy's.
  5. Thanks Expy00 for the information. I really want a black leather large Carly. I hoping they get some and at a great price. If they do, I would grab it.
  6. anyone seen hamptone vintage mini shopper in espresso or koala keyfob in gilroy ? thanks in advance, i really want em both :smile: