Has anyone been to the Fendi store in NYC?

  1. What's it like, is it big, where is it at and is there more than one?
  2. been there though its been a while...............I think they redid the store..If I remember correctly
  3. I was acutally there just last week to buy my baby spy. The store is rather large. As the previous post said, I think it was redone just recently. It is located on 5th between 54th and 53rd.
  4. they closed their one on madison and redid their 5th avenue one i think......it's multi floor and relatively big and very nice :P
  5. Multi-floor? I might feel like I'd died and gone to purse heaven.
  6. I was just in there on Friday and I made my first Fendi purchase. The store is really nice and they have a nice selection. The salespeople were really nice and were fawning all over me...to the point that I was starting to feel suffocated. Murizzio was helping me initially, but then about two more sales associates joined in.

    I tried on some sneakers, but they just didn't look quite right. Anyway, I bought a Fendi tote (its called the shopping tube or something) which is gorgeous. I have gotten SO many compliments on it, its unbelievable.
  7. I did.. It was great!! It was at the time when spy bag was hard to find, and I got myself a white spy in September.. Long before it was circulated in US.
  8. I have stopped in a few times since its only a few blocks from work. Actually, Nathansgirl1908, I was there on Friday as well, and I agree that the sales people are extremely friendly. The store is two stories, and it has some absolutely amazing croc bags on the second floor.
  9. I have a question. Which B bag is only sold at the Fendi store in 5th avenue. I want it soo bad. My friend is going to New York next week. So, I wanna know which one it was.
  10. It's a great store, but I miss the old one. The elevator/staircase was much nicer at the previous store.

    The upstairs has women's ready-to-wear, furs and the more expensive (exotic leathers, embellished) handbags and shoes. There are three rooms, ready-to-wear to your left, handbags/shoes to your right; small accessories and handbags in the second room; the back room was ready-to-wear to your left and furs to your right. Almost no one goes up there. The salespeople are very nice.

    The first floor has menswear in the back left. There are two rooms with accessories, shoes and handbags. The back of the store is where the stairs are. The backdrop is of "falling" Fendi logos in multiple colors.

    The store is dark and striking, a bit edgy but still chic.
  11. hey fendigal, the store is extremely beautiful! the bags, shoes, & wallets are on the first floor and the clothes are on the other floors. it's similar to how gucci divides their floors. the great thing about them is that they get new merchandise pretty often. if you go in there, ask for david. he's a really nice sales rep and will be honest with you. he'll know if youre tryin to find things to match a bag/wallet/etc and will give great advice. also, he doesnt try to sell you the most expensive thing on the floor you know what i mean? like if the best match is something that's 400 bucks, he'll tell you to get that and not some $600 thing instead.