Has anyone been to the Chanel outlet store?

  1. Hi there,

    Found online that there was a Chanel outlet store in NY. Has anyone actually been there? Is it worth checking out as I'm living right on the West Coast! hehe
    Thanks! Any help appreciated! :yes:
  2. I live right near the outlet in Woodbury Commons NY. It is really hit or miss. They never get the classics in but just the discontinued season stuff. Right now they have very few handbags but are suppose to get a shipment early in Sept. they are going to give me a call when the new stuff comes in. As soon as I hear, I'll run down there quick and report back.
  3. i've been there twice and havnt managed to buy anything there...
    i guess it would be much better to live close to woodbury cause you can check out stock all the time!
    do you think they'll get any of the discontinued cambon totes?
  4. im actually heading there after a shower LOL so ill report back.
  5. i went there (the chanel store in woodbury commons) in july. there was not much there at all, imo. it is really hit-or-miss, depending on the season and the stock. the only thing i saw there was the madonna tape bag.
  6. i got my first CHANEL! it wasnt something i planned on lol and i did walk away from it. their classic flaps didnt catch my attention, a beige and this other colour, it was for 895, a couple of scuffs, im thinking it was lambskin, but it didnt have the sheen and just didnt feel that great.its green, small, but its fun.. and i couldnt walk away from that price lol, and i can always sell it later on, it could be a fun summer purse- oh hell it doesnt matter the reason, i already got it, cant return it, so im going to enjoy it!
  7. I agree. It just depends upon what they have when you go. I was disappointed but did manage to buy a pair of jeans and a small evening bag.
  8. Was there this weekend at Woodbury...really disappointing. They had I think 5 bags in total - 2 of which were those Madonna tape bags.
  9. Has anyone been to Woodbury recently? I was wondering whether it was worth it to go as I will be in NY for a business trip AND looking for a Wallet. (WHAT AN EXCUSE HUH?) Additionally, I will be going this Sunday.
  10. i havne't been there but from what i've heard from friends and family who have been there...it's nothing special or impressive. espeicall for a die hard chanel collector/fan.
  11. is it worth going this weekend?
  12. I Haven't Been In A While (I Miss It!)...By Far The Best Outlets!!! :smile:

    Chanel Never Has Much ~ In Bags. Aarti ~ You Already Know. But, You Never Know What You Are Going To Find, Either!!! :smile: