has anyone been to the aloha rag store in person?

  1. I'm going to hawaii in a few weeks, and have already mapped out Aloha Rag! Has anyone been there?
    I'm brand new to b-bags; I just "discovered" my love for them recently. What bag should I look for? Is there anything that's really hard to find that I might be able to scope out there?
  2. If its your first bbag I always recommend a black City or even a Black Day ( I have both an swear by them), and then venture into a gorgeous color for your next one. But then again, if youre in Hawaii you may want color just because youre in Hawaii!

    see? I am NO help whatsoever.
  3. Lucky you!!! I'm FREEZING here in the midwest :yucky:

    I thought for my first BBag I should get a COLOR so I bought Blueberry ... but it didn't really matter because within three months I also got Black, White, Griege, Sky Blue, Ink ... :upsidedown: :p :upsidedown:
  4. I've never been to AR while in Hawaii but have been to Hawaii many many times...I'm soooo jealous! Enjoy the sweet smell of the soft trade winds and the warm sun...Aloha!

    Oh, and definitely post an update for us on the current Bbag stock at AR!! I've bought from them before but never directly in the store...enjoy! :jammin:
  5. I've been there a few while on business. Last time was in October. It is a nice little store, carrying high end merchandise. Kindda off the main drag.. they hang most of the B bags on the left side. The Chloe bags are on a table ( I suppose they dont hang these due to weight of the lock :p ) It is a nice little store IMO. Nice SA. However, parking is a hassle... I do not think there is parking in front of the store. I had my husband drop me off in front.

    Have fun in HI and at the store :yes:
  6. I live in hawaii- go to AR all the time. It's down the street from Ala Moana on Kapiolani. If you are driving... good luck finding parking unless you get the validated parking underneath. I usually park illegally at the Wedding Ring shop.lol
    it's small, you might miss it! it's next to a surfboard shop , a japanese restaurant and an international house of pancakes.

    I know they have the new spring line in now!
  7. thanks for the replies, ladies! :heart:

    I appreciate the warnings on the parking situation. Our hotel is quite close to the store, so I was planning to walk there (if that's possible?) or take a cab or bus. I'm a NY'er so I am used to walking everywhere; I don't even drive.

    I have a black twiggy and an ice blue box. I just got the box on eBay earlier this week, and have already decided it will be my vacation bag since it's too dark and gloomy here to wear such a light and lovely color.

    I think I'd like to get a vibrant color, or maybe a metallic, in one of the larger sizes. Any recommendations?