Has Anyone Been to Off 5th Recently?

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  1. If so, did you see any styles in butter or butterscotch? I'm dying for a yellow marc bag. Off 5th is a bit of a journey from where I live.
  2. Which location? The one closest to me is located in Folsom, CA.
  3. any location at all. I'm sure their merchandise can't vary that much. If there's yellow stuff at one, there's a chance there's yellow bags at another location. Just don't want to waste a trip.
  4. Hey Frances Bean, I went up to the Miromar Outlets in Estero, FL a few weeks ago and the Off 5th outlet there had a "sling" in a buttery color. I didn't look too closely, but it might be worth a shot.
  5. Thanks marc lover. Never heard of the sling?
  6. Yeah, I hadn't heard of it either. It was a small shoulder bag. It was pretty cute, but I didn't like the contrasting trim. It was beige. It was definitely an interesting little bag.:shrugs:
  7. Didn't see anything MJ in yellow the other night in Folsom. I think distribution of items vary by store because I NEVER see any of the stuff others describe in their locals. What I saw on Friday: The Kira turnlock flap in turquoise, looks green), sunglasses and some wallet, pouch items in bright blue calf.

    I'll keep my eyes out though - we have so little MJ stuff come in, it is often squished behind the displays.
  8. oooh, dont mean to hijack your post, Frances Bean.....but i too been wanting a light yellowish MJ bag esp. that butterscotch color. if the price is right, i'd get it being so short of $$ right now. :sad:
  9. ^^ I regret not grabbing one in the spring. =/ Elise in butter... TDF!
  10. Off 5th in LI, New York has a few in butterscoth Stella in the old style. The plaque inside the bag said it's limited edition. They also have it in white and a brown one with the silver pushlock. It is priced at $499 and I saw it yesterday.
  11. ^ I too saw some limited edition stellas in Butterscotch (they had 4!!!) at the Off 5th at Woodbury Commons Outlets in NY. They also had an off white color. They were $529 (I think) I tried them on, it was gorgeous and yet I still managed to walk away from it.

    Off 5th- 845.928.4351 (call them!)
  12. the limited ed. has the buckles instead of the pushlocks on the front pockets, right? am i the only one that actually prefers the pushlocks???
  13. You're not the only one. I definitely prefer the pushlocks too. :yes:

  14. OMG Frances!! I would have fainted if I saw an Elise in Butter at my Off 5th. I bet it was gorgeous!!!:nuts:
  15. off 5th in ontario mills mall, ca had the limited sophia butterscotch. very pretty, it was aroun 538++.