has anyone been to NMLC at Jersey Gardens?

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  1. I want to go but the mall/area kind of scare me. Not sure if anyone has been here and recommends it. Thanks!
  2. i always go there, and to off 5th. the mall's pretty safe. and security's always patrolling the parking lots.
  3. have not tried that Last call yet............mall is fine. easy on and off highway.
  4. I go all the time. The mall area is pretty safe. It is like 2 minutes off of the turnpike.
  5. I've never felt unsecure while shopping in that area... there's nothing to be afraid of. I've felt more nervous parking in some nyc areas, but never at jersey gardens.
  6. I go there all the time and can see why you would think that you wouldnt be safe. Ive never heard about anything shady happening at that mall. I take precaution everywhere I go.