Has Anyone Been To Neimans In Northpark Mall In Dallas?

  1. Has anyone been to Northpark lately and looked at the lvs there? Do they have a good selection? Are the SAs nice?
  2. I go to Northpark often. I think that they have a good selection. If something is not available, they've always found it for me, even Miroir! :wtf: They are also nice when shopping by phone. My SA is Ezinne (pronounced ez-uh-nay). She is extremely nice. Hope you find something there.
  3. I bought my BH there last year, the SA's are always nice. The SA's at the NM LV at the Shops of Willowbend in Plano are really great too:yes:
  4. ive been to dallas once. lol. i wish i could to to every lv boutique in the world.
  5. I like that store.
  6. they have lv there?! i've been in that store and never thought of looking! yea, i think i know where i'm going this weekend! plano's closer for me! i work close to northpark, but never have time to go
  7. I like the North Park SA's better than Willow bend IMO... They have a decent selection... My favorite is the LV store int he Galleria... which gets me in trouble