has anyone been to an outlet recently an seen..

  1. an alfie in an colour? if so what prive were they please??

  2. Im not sure, perhaps someone will be able to help further. I guess they may have them, I think theyve been mentioned on her before?

    Why dont you give them a call? :tup:
  3. Evie - are you after another Alfie?
    I'm going to call Shepton later on, so what colours are you interested in??
    Let me know & I'll ask when I speak to them.
  4. ooh you wouldnt mind checking if they have a bayswater bentley? :biggrin:

  5. Sara,Please tell us all how you got on!!:yes:
  6. Didn't hear from Evie so I resisted the urge! If I'd called I know I'd have ended up with a new bag & an emptier bank account!!
    I'll be going to Shepton in March with TropicalGal so I'm going to have a good old poke around then.
    I want to try Agyness for the length of the handles and see the continental purse IRL. No more ordering sight unseen for me!
  7. so ladies no internet at the shop yet i feel like i have had my arm removed!
  8. Have a look on the photo ref thread,I'm pretty sure I found a pic of a blue/teal colored one,other than that I think they are a blokes bag,so come in fairly blokey colors?? Maybe they do choc or oak though?xx
  9. [​IMG]ooo,sorry hun,my mistake,its a rockley,still,its very nice!! But from what I remember from seeing them at Chesh Oaks they are quite a bit bigger than the Alfie you have.No harn in asking if they did the Alfie in other colors though?? But that is quite nice.............hehehe!!! xx