Has anyone been to a LV store lately?

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  1. Hi everyone. I was just wondering how many of you have been inside a LV store since the shortage. I am heading there this weekend, but didn't know if I would be wasting my time---what do they have in stock???
  2. Barely anything, in my experience! I've had more luck on the website.
  3. I went yesterday... Not a lot in at the moment... Plenty of Vernis Rouge Fauviste pieces... Wilshire... Alma etc... A few Epi pieces... Not all the usual neverfulls, speedys, totallys etc.

    As BoyOverBoard said... Better luck on the website.
  4. I have been to many stores and the cupboard is bare----including 5th Avenue NYC
  5. Same here..they have none of the bags I want unfortunately! And their display is so bare it feels like they have nothing to offer.
  6. Went to the Galleria in Dallas tonight. THEY CLOSED AT 6 PM!!!!!!!!! They actually CLOSED EARLY because they have no stock! Can you believe it? I've never seen that one before! I am really wondering what is going on with USA LV!
  7. Wow! Now I am thinking I shouldn't waste my time...I may call tomorrow to check inventory. I live near the Pittsburgh, PA LV so if all of the larger cities are out of stock, I am pretty sure we will be too. Thanks for the warnings!!
  8. This is all too funny! Maybe they are closing down? :lolots::wtf:
  9. I was in the boutique in Charlotte, NC last Friday the boutique in Millenia Mall in Orlando, FL a couple weekends ago, and basically everything I was looking for they didn't have. Things that on my wish list were: Odeon GM, Palermo PM, Eva (mono or ebene), Thames PM in mono, Stresa PM in mono, Neverfull MM in ebene (they had zero NFs anyway), speedy 35 in ebene (there were no speedys period), Trevi PM, Milla MM in mono, pouchette accessoires in mono...the list goes on...

    I'm trying to be patient and have put myself on the waiting list for the Eva in ebene with my SA in the Charleston, SC store.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed that stocks get replenished soon!
  10. I went to the boutique in Troy last Sunday at noon time hoping to check out some new arrivals, nil. The store was empty and there were 4 SA, all quite friendly. Unfortunately, walk out empty handed. Awaiting for the Empriente to arrive.
  11. Stores are empty over here too. I'm heading in tomorrow and expect empty shelves
  12. well, I guess if this keeps up it will mean what we do own is more valuable, but it sure takes the fun out of visiting an LV boutique. :tdown:
  13. I still go in about once a week. My SA still makes it fun and show me lookbooks and try small items on. We do still get items in. I never asked for any shortage items so uncertain to whether we get those in or not.
  14. Where are you in Oz? I just ordered a Neverfull Azur MM today from the Castlereagh St Sydney store via Mail Order & will have it Friday or early next week. The lady on the phone told me they had some in stock, also the Galliera in Azur was in stock, but no Hampstead MM. I think as soon as they get stock, it is selling out.
  15. hmmm i want to visit my local store tomorrow. hope they have sth in stock. only want to purchase a cles pouch. but even those are sold out online:cry:.........hpe they have one in the store!!!