Has anyone been to a Juicy Couture outlet?

  1. ITA! The prices and setup don't seem much different than the regular JC boutique. I'd rather go to Nordstrom Rack for Juicy deals.
  2. ive been too two one in orlando florida forgot where though and another in riverhead long island for black friday they had an amazing sale on top of their outlet prices
  3. The savings are decent not amazing like I would drive half an hour to an outlet not an hour. The selections are nice. You can get less expensive purses there isn't a lot of discount on tracksuits but there is a good discount on jewerly and wallets. But eye something and when a promotion comes it may be a great saving
  4. I've gotten a pretty good deal on tracksuits, about $40 a piece. I once got a free tee shirt for spending over $100 too. I've gotten sweaters for around $50 and a skirt for $30. Most of the time the deals aren't this great, but you never know what you might find.
  5. There's a new one in the Crossings outlet in the Poconos. I think it's still pricey, and not my style, but my 17 year old daughter is a big fan.
  6. You can sometimes get much better discount from NeimanMarcus.Com. I got some Terry Hoodie for 38. I have been to the outlet a few times, I think sometimes JC boutiques have better deal, when they offer 25 % more off the sale prices. You do not need to go to JC outlet. And yes, TJ Max and Nordstrom Rack have great deals sometimes. If you live close by to an outlet, that is okay. But you do not need to go out of your way to get there. You will be disappointed.
  7. The discount is about the same you would get it on sale at bloomies for, but they do run specials, I was there about a month ago and they had a special that you would recieve $25 off of every 100 you spend on top of the already reduced prices...it was basically 25% off everything in the store, great deals on jumpsuits too.
  8. erm...depends...i have been there when i got mad smock dresses at $30-$40 a pop but have gone when their "discounted" jewelry is the regular price at the boutique in the mall. i have learned it is a hit or miss mostly.
  9. I've been to Carlsbad and I got some good deals on jeans, 3 pairs for about $160 and a tracksuit for $80. I'm wearing them in front of the tv right now! They had alot of trackies and t-shirts but no bags and only a few charms at almost regular price when I was there.
  10. the price is about the same, not rly a good deal IMO
  11. I just went to the one in Camarillo a few weeks ago but didn't find too much I liked. I was planning on spending the weekend near San Diego anyway, so I thought I might head out to the Carlsbad outlet (http://juicy-couture-outlets.com/juicy-couture-outlet-directory).

    maireos, I was planning on going to look for a bag, but it sounds like they don't have there. Do you think it's worth the trip for some other stuff anyway if I'm in the area?
  12. Carlsbad usually has a lot of nice bags, IMHO. I've bought a couple there, and left a couple that I later wished I had picked up. They have a ton of track suits and clothing, but to be honest I never pay much attention to them, because I'm usually after the charms and the bags when I go there.

    Besides the JC store, there are several other outlets there, and it's right off the freeway so easy to get to. If you stop there, be sure and come back and tell us what they had :graucho:
  13. I ended up not being able to make it to the outlets. I'm really bummed because I wasn't very far away...just didn't have the time :sad:. I'm not sure when I'll be back out there, but will definitely report back when I do!
  14. i live in toronto and drove to niagara once and there was a jc outlet. bought a classic leather fluffy for only $80 so i was quite happy.

    anyone been to woodbury outlets? i wonder if its worth the trip there.
  15. I've been to the one in Woodbury (NY) and they had daydreamers for only $80.... but they weren't the extra fancy or extremely unique ones....