Has anyone been to a Juicy Couture outlet?

  1. The last time I went to a juicy outlet was black friday~OMG..the sales were just ok..but the crowd was insane!
  2. Forget the outlets.
    Go to a Nordstroms rack
    much better.
    You can get any thing they sell at Nordstrums there.
    I just was there this past weekend
    spent about $156
    a pair of track suit pants $30
    A track suit jacket $50
    A Juicy top $30
    A pair of socks $7
    A bag for make up $25
    Juciy shorts $30
    and all of that was only about 156
    they have all different sizes too
    from xs to xl.

    & i have been to an outlet before up in palm springs
    i got a small handbag there
    it was about 95
    i dont know how much it was before

    but i like Nordstroms rack much better then any outlet.
  3. when i went , i didnt buy anything because the nice items were out of my size. it was all large sizes :sad:
  4. wow you got some great deals!

    I have found Juicy at TJ Maxx, but I didn't think the prices were that great compared to what you got at NR.

    There was this cute pink tshirt I wanted and the sale price was $60. which isn't that low.
  5. I was at the Camarillo Outlet Juicy, the store is really cute, they have alot of inventory and many different sizes. Problem is I think that you might find Loemanns to be cheaper, even Tj maxx carries Juicy on a regular basis, Marshalls has a big selection right now, of b-suits and skirts ...summer items
  6. I agree too. To get good deals on juciy the best place I found was the Saks fifth avenue outlet i think its called off 5th, or sometimes I find great deals at loehmann's
  7. Not good imo.
  8. yup, the sawgrass mills location in fort lauderdale, fl had wallets and accessories. they had a lot of great items.
  9. i got my first juicy bag from nordstrom. it was a small bag (the baby fluffy) and i got for $200. on a recent trip to vegas, i found a juicy outlet in one of the outdoor malls. and i was able to get an even bigger bag (the daydreamer) AND a wallet for about 140. it was well worth it because the daydreamer bags usually run about 200 to 230. i'd rather go to a juicy outlet. i got more for my money and paid less than what i did for my first bag.

    i'd highly recommend checking out the outlet store first.
  10. I went to the cabazon one and I personally was not a fan. There was a large selection of clothes but none were discounted much, plus i didnt even see a bag on sale.
  11. I know some Juicy Couture outlet spots:
    Limerick, PA.
    Theres also one in Georgia but it doesnt state on the site. I believe its in Commerce, GA.
    Elizabeth, NJ.
    Theres also one in Delaware but I dont know what city.

    I've been to these places including one in Orlando, FL. and I went during a good time I suppose. Everything was 40% off and an additional 30%. I found bermuda shorts that were originally 168 and i bought them for 75. I also found a bracelet for $18 dollars and a bunch of t-shirts for around $20. There are many assortments of tracksuits. I bought a terry short sleeve trackjacket for $26 and a longsleeved one for $34.
    There are also great Juicy deals in the regular stores. If you go to a "not many people visit" store, you'll find great deals. I've been to the one on Walnut street in Philadelphia and I got a yellow cardigan for 65. Originally 158.
  12. About three weeks ago I was in the one in Tulalip Wa.. Cute Store no good sales and the Leather Handbag I bought at T.J. Maxx two months ago was $20.00 more there.
    I think they may have forgotten the Outlet part.......
  13. When I went, I wasn't very impressed. There were no 'bargains,' it just seemed like a regular shop.
  14. The one near me the saving is not that great. They are cheaper at Saks, Nordstorm or Neiman Marcus and occasionally Barney have them on sale.
  15. The one in Elizabeth, NJ had a rack of sweats for $30 last week.

    Anyone know if you can return pajamas? I bought the set that comes in a box there, and they don't fit at all.