Has anyone been to a Juicy Couture outlet?

  1. There is a Juicy Outlet here where I live...they always have TONS of bags and wallets, a whole table of charms, bracelets, and necklaces. The people make me nervous though. lol
  2. i went today and last thursday. I bought a black velour hoodie for $50 and today I bought a velour bag for 78+tax. It was $139 with 50% off!! I thought it was a great deal.
  3. There is a juicy couture outlet store in Kildare village in ireland. its amazing, i got charms for ten euro. tracksuits for 50 euro and bags for 70 euro! amazing and well worth a visit!
  4. I agree that they don't usually have amazing discounts. But if you are looking for older items that you may not have gotten to purchase when they first came out, it is a great place to look for them. BTW I'm dying for a juicy purse that came out in 2006!!! I can't find it anywhere!!! Anyone have any ideas...besides eBay????
  5. Do you know the name of the bag? Or do you have a picture? Did you try Bonanza?
  6. Is there a juicy outlet by San Antonio tx?
  7. I know there's a juicy in north star mall and the closest outlet juicy is at the san Marcos outlets. Hope that helps!
  8. Thanks
  9. Hmm, don't know about Juicy outlet in San Marcos, but there is one down here in Mercedes, Texas. About 4 hours south of San Antonio...we're close to South Padre Island
  10. Hey I live in Harlingen! Hi RGV buddy!
  11. Hello!!! :smile:
  12. Hi! I've been to the Orlando outlets, and found great deals cause they had like 30% off + 20% off, even for the fragrances, so it's Juicy heaven for my sister and me there.
    The thing that I disliked was that they don't seem to carry Doggy Couture items anymore, been trying to find a dog carrier and nada :sad:

    Do you know where I'd find original Juicy for dogs?
  13. Jealous as there are no JC stores here in oz .... I have to buy mine online at nieman Marcus or revolve.
  14. I feel like the prices are regular,you don't really save anything :/
  15. i have found that the juicy couture outlet (about 15 minutes away) is really not any better of a deal then going to juicy when having a sale.....i have actually gotten better deals at the non outlet!